Take part of Important information before booking and traveling

Take part of Important information before booking and traveling

Cancellation insurance: Please review your insurance/protection for cancellation in case of illness before booking a trip with Upplev Sydafrika.

Special meals: If you have specific requests concerning meals, please inform Upplev Sydafrika when you book your trip.

Smokers: Please inform Upplev Sydafrika when you book your trip if you wish to be given a smokers room. This alternative cannot be guaranteed as some Hotel/Bed & Breakfast/Guesthouses only offer non smoking rooms.

Double rooms: Please inform Upplev Sydafrika when you book your trip if you prefer a double bed or two separate single beds (twin bed). We cannot guarantee this option is available at all Hotel/Bed & Breakfast/Guest houses.

Sharing a double room: Most bookings with Upplev Sydafrika include accommodation with share in a double room. If you are travelling by yourself be aware that an additional single room’s cost will be added.

Checking in/Checking out: With most accommodation in South Africa, check-in time is 14.00 and check-out time is 10.00 am. Deviations to these times are possible.

Travel info
Flight tickets: We help you arrange your own flight, which gives you a better chance to chose the travel times and departure. If you are early and flexible about your travel dates, you will be able to select very good prices.

Car rental and infrastructure: The infrastructure in Western Cape Province is very similar to that found in Europe. Hiring a car is affordable (left hand traffic is the rule) and an International driver’s license is accepted. Please note that at some gas stations, petrol should be paid for in cash (not credit card). Contact Upplev Sydafrika and we can assist in booking your rental car. Rent a car through Auto Europe.

Effective 1 June 2015, South African Authorities require that all children, under the age of 18, travelling to / from South Africa, be in possession of their original unabridged birth certificate reflecting both parents full names and surname. Children travelling with only one parent or other person or where one parent or both parents are deceased, must be in possession of an affidavit from the remaining parent/s or guardian, permitting the child to travel or copy of the deceased person’s death certificate when applicable.

Vaccinations: Information about vaccinations can be found at the the local clinics.

Currency and credit card: The currency is the South African Rand, ZAR: Currency Converter. Cash machines (ATM) are available in most towns. Most credit cards are accepted everywhere.

Time difference: GMT + 2.

Tips: It is standard practice to offer tips in restaurants (10%). It is even custom to give a tip of several rands to the driver, porter, traffic guard, and personnel at gas stations.

Mobile phone: Works in Western Cape Province!

Electricity: 220 volts, three holed socket. An adapter will be needed, which can easily be bought locally (the adapter will cost between R12–R35).

Security and safety: South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world and the gap between the rich and the poor is very big. It is relatively safe to go for walks around Cape Town but as is the case in many large cities, it is wise to use common sense and caution. Make sure that you leave your valuables at the hotel/accommodation. Avoid large and visible jewelry which can attract unnecessary attention.

Travel conditions: See HOW TO BOOK/TRAVEL TERMS.

Climate South Africa: South Africa has two climate zones. During the summer season (November-April) expect a fair amount of rain showers, especially in the east and along the Indian ocean. During this period the weather can be very warm and humid in this area. During the summer, the weather is warm and dry around the Cape Province. During the winter season (May-October), the weather is sunny and dry (generally mild weather) inland and on the east coast. In Kwazulu-Natal and along the Indian Ocean, the temperature is between 20 C-30 C, while the temperature in the mountains towards Lesotho, can drop to zero. The weather in the Cape Province is very cool and rainy.

Climate Western Cape Province: The pleasant Mediterranean climate make the summers (November-April) often sunny and warm with the occasional thunderstorms. The warm days are “cooled down” by the colder weather from the Atlantic. The average temperature during the summer is 26 degrees C. During the winter (May-October) the weather is cool and it can rain a bit followed by sunny days. The average temperature during the winter is 14 degrees C.

Best period to travel: Depending on what is of interest to you, it could be worth identifying the right season for specific experiences. The whale season begins in June and ends in December. The high season and especially the so called “peak” season in December/January is very popular and requires early booking of accommodation, restaurants and certain excursions. Lower prices for accommodation and other expenses are on offer during the low season in May-August. The best period, weather wise is from February to April.

Sunbathing and bathing: In the Western Cape Province you will find some of the country’s finest beaches. The water temperature is seldom over 17 degrees C.

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